The City of Flagstaff offers multiple services to the different societies in the state of Arizona. The organization helps people with job placement, applying for business licenses, and acquiring building permits.


The city of Flagstaff is one of the states of Arizona's most well-known government organizations. Flagstaff provides a number of services that aid in the development of a better community. Clients can quickly apply for a job, a business license, a building permit, a city bid, a conservation rebate, an energy rebate, a liquor license, and a special event permit through Flagstaff. They can also use it to pay a fine/citation, a miscellaneous billing statement, a municipal services statement, or a water hauling statement.

The management of the City of Flagstaff talked to our experts to create engaging and stunning animated videos for the prestigious organization of Arizona. The organization’s primary goal was about raising awareness about environmental stewardship, high-performance governance, and livable communities through eye-catching videos. The management shared their second gals, which was the creation of animated videos for robust, resilient economies, sustainable and creative infrastructure, and lastly inclusive and engaging communities. City of Flagstaff has a priority-based budgeting system that allows anyone to register with them and contribute to making the town a better place. The video's goal was to get people to participate in the survey. The ad urges individuals to join Flagstaff and share their financial goals.

Screen Shots

Take a look at multiple screen-shots of the different video animations created for the City of Flagstaff. Our expert animators infused all the required ingredients for a government-based institution to aware the general public with spectacular animated videos.


We successfully achieved the milestone as described by City of Flagstaff. The organization built up its brand service through our videos, marketed services with animated awareness videos, and generated public awareness.

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