University of Pittsburgh & Medical Center
is one of the leading health plans provider
in the entire Pittsburgh


The University of Pittsburgh & Medical Center is intimately linked to the University of Pittsburgh, its academic partner. It is regarded as a premier American health-care provider, with its flagship facilities ranking among the best in the country. They've built a one-of-a-kind laboratory to align incentives, provide better treatment, and improve our members' health. Their most recent advances, which help to control expenses and enhance health outcomes, are a game-changing discovery that they wanted to publicize.

The medical organization approached us with their innovative new methods for lowering treatment costs and improving overall health results, and requested us to create a video for them. We wanted to undertake thorough research on their services and products before working on their demanding animations, which we accomplished. We made sure they made an impression on their target audience, which consisted of people who were having health problems and needed a low-cost, high-tech solution to get their health looked out. They requested four very entertaining and informative videos to assist them easily distribute their message.

we ensured that their animations must be handled by one of our highly qualified video animators who could meet almost all of their needs, and that the University of Pittsburgh & Medical Center was entirely delighted with our outstanding video composition services.

Screen Shots

Take a look at multiple screen-shots of the different video animations created for The University of Pittsburgh & Medical Center. Our expert animators have infused all the required ingredients for a leading medical institute to achieve the institution’s desired goals.


We successfully achieved the milestone as described by our esteemed client. The organization built up its brand service through our videos, marketed services with animated awareness videos, and generated huge applause.

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